Ashley Lock
Software Developer
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Ashley is a software programmer, working primarily with the languages C++, VB.NET and Java. He also has experience in managing network and database systems.

Like his other programming colleagues, Ashley loves a good problem to solve. He loves it more because he can do it in a relaxed environment with a family feel here at Alltraders. Yes, Ashley really does feel that Alltraders is his second family. Yep, he's a big family man and as he puts it he's invariably "trying to herd children".

Ashley informs us that it is illegal to take a photo of a police road block in Zimbabwe - sshhhh, Ashley don't tell everyone that you have such a photo in your possession!

Drivers who drive at 90kph until they get to an overtaking lane, then speed up to 110 is one of Ashley's pet peeves. Be safe on the road folks.

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