Eric Love
Software Developer
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Eric is one of our key part time developers and mathematicians at Alltraders. After winning both maths competitions back in Year 12, and being versed in C++, PHP, and Javascript, his experience with numbers, logic and computer science become fused in a mash of functions, logic, and data visualisations.

"It's fun to make a computer do what you want it to, and the continuous improvement of tools and hardware means things keep getting easier".

For any advanced custom Google Maps development, Eric's our expert, and his love of stats and data visualisation extends beyond Alltraders. Outside of work, Eric enjoys working on Mappage, his own multi-purpose mapping web application, overlaying demographic census info and other stats with Google maps.

Coordinating our foosball championships with detailed score stats, his favourite part about working at Alltraders is naturally Foosball. He of course also enjoys working whatever hours he likes and riding to work.

In earlier years, he helped coordinate "Big Week Out", a Christian youth community service project. Word has it that he also has wrote a stage musical based on two of his uni subjects. These days, the only things that get in Eric's way are three-corner jacks - the cause of many punctures.

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