Jason Boettcher
Software Developer
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Jason is his name, and programming is his game! At Alltraders, Jason is a knowledgeable and modest software developer, and at his desk, programming is what does best. But when he puts his hoodie on, he becomes our resident napalm striker who not only eats newbs for breakfast, but also second breakfast, brunch and arvo tea. When he comes up with cool solutions to tricky problems in software, he rockets through characters on the keyboard like a pulsing rail gun.

Outside of work Jason is a jumper. He really loves jumping. So much so, he plays not only basketball, but also jumps to even greater heights when he plays volleyball. If you need an action jumping man outside of business hours, Jason's your guy.

In all seriousness though, Jason's simply a cool shy guy who is an online gamer, developer and all-round sporting gentleman who is great to play with.

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