Jeff Kirby
Software Developer
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With many fields of knowledge gained through both professional and amateur pursuits, Jeff is our resident server guy, desktop guy, and fast thinking developer.

IT changes so fast, and as developers we get to play in that sandbox a lot, and Jeff is no exception. Together with the atmosphere, the people, the location and the work, it is the constant development in IT skills that excite Jeff at Alltraders. He's been into programming most of his life, picking up dexterity in a multitude of languages along the way, including C#, Java, PHP, C (and probably more), as well as Windows Server technologies and corporate Desktop support. 

Code and software is not only his thing though. Outside of Alltraders, Jeff enjoys exploring the latest in cutting edge technologies - 3D printing and modelling, water cooling PCs, computer games, fast cars, regularly racing his 1/10 scale cars, watching his son grow, and app... wait.. reverse it... teaching his son to despise Apple.

Jeff is also interested in technology preservation and nostalgia. As well as being a consumer of Marvel Comics, Japanese Animation and a huge fan of old school JPop, he once partly ported ‘Legend of Zelda : A link to the past’ from the SNES to the PC.

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