Louis Fang
Software Developer

Louis is a spatial scientist, who also as it happens is a software engineer.

So, what does a spatial scientist do? They specialise particularly in geospatial information science, that is in the measurement, positioning and processing of any earthly object. The resulting geographic analysis from the image processing and visualisation can then be used to change the world for the better.

For well over a decade, Louis has been absorbed in the application of Realtime/3D GIS with satellite imagery, remote sensing and graphic programming into VR visualisations for analysis and greater insights into mapping and location based analysis. An expert in his field, he comes to Alltraders as an associate professor of GIS, GPS, and RS. Geographic!

Land, sea and satellites aren't just his thing. With excellence in object-oriented programming (especially C++, C#, Asp.net), and also PHP, Knockout.js, Mootools, JQuery and JavaScript, Louis's well rounded skillset is perfectly suited to the projects Alltraders work on.

Outside of work, he enjoys travelling, movies, badminton and swimming (sometimes in that order, sometimes not).

With his researched insights about the nature of the Australian landscape, every evening he transforms into a superhero, flying off into the night to protect the earth and scourge all malevolent keyboard warriors. Wait, did I say that aloud? You didn't read that; shh it's a secret (don't mention that the yellow bellied blacks are his kryptonite).

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