Louise Lawrence
Software Developer

Louise develops cool and colourful things in our house construction department, while concurrently studying her PhD specialising in augmented reality space, devices and applications.

While being proficient in just a couple of code and markup languages (Java, C# [her favourite], C++, Python, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Swift.. [but wait, there's more!]), Louise is also eager to learn new languages when needed (as long as the logic remains logical).

With a background in 3d modelling / Unity, pixel art and drawing, Louise likes to focus on applications, and drawing and designing things properly.

A multidisciplined thinker with interests in the Arts and Sciences, she's fascinated by how the brain works. It's quite powerful and incredible that we can create such useful interactive applications simply from putting together a combination of words and punctuation.

She finds the Alltraders' House applications really fun and engaging as they're really user friendly (and always improving) and much more intuitive than playing with CAD.

Passionate for colour, Android, and good code documentation, Louise is a passionate person - quite moreso than some people expect.

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