Michael Garratt
Graphic / Web Designer
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Michael AKA Mike G, AKA Mr. G, AKA Hotshot is one of those rare people who even if a blazing meteorite 1000km wide was hurtling towards the planet, he would still have a smile on his face.

He is a graphic designer and a HTML/CSS coding wizard. Give the man a Photoshop file and he'll karate chop it into a responsive website in no time. Amazingly Michael has managed to fit both the entire WordPress plugin and Joomla! extension directories into his head, if anyone can find it he can - cue bragging rights.

Maintaining our client domains, DNS and hosting server, MichaelG also excels in security audits and website hacking restorations to ensure our clients' data is tight, secure and cosy.

Michael loves his sport, especially tennis (2015 WDTA premiership winner and the next LLeyton Hewitt) and basketball, playing chopsticks on the piano, loud frenetic rock music, and an occasional walk along the beach.

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