Developer with PHP and Javascript skills needed for custom application development. Great opportunity for the right person.

We are an Adelaide based software development firm with a great team and busy workplace.

We are seeking a software developer to join our team to work on some of our custom projects. The ideal candidate must be able to work as part of a team as well as independently with the view of becoming a long term team member.

The primary requirements are: PHP, Javascript, MySQL, Degree qualified.

We also look favourably on skills or experience with: C#, Java, SQL, OpenGL, Commercial software development experience is preferred but not essential.

Graduates or people about to graduate are also encouraged to apply.

Permanent employment is subject to an initial probationary period.

Applicants must be legally able to work full time in Australia.

Remuneration to match experience.

We encourage any interested persons to apply in writing. If interested, please email your CV and cover letter to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Yes, we are on the lookout for new staff! We are however, rather picky. We generally employ talented people who love what they do, but we also look at how a candidate might fit into our team.

What we do?

We write software. We're good at it and our team excel at what they do, not just because of talent or ability, but also because they want to make the best software possible.

Can I apply for an advertised position?

We want you to apply if you have the required skills advertised in our job descriptions and you believe you can share these skills with our team in our office on our projects.

Our ideal candidates are able to:

  • have a work / life balance
  • be friendly and able to work in a team
  • love creating software, sometimes as a coder, sometimes in other roles

We never receive applications from job recruitment agencies, so please contact us directly, via the details listed in the job ad. All applications are treated as strictly confidential.

Please don't apply if:

  • you aren't legally able to work in Australia, then we can't hire you.
  • we advertise for software skills and you don't have them.
  • you love designing websites but we are advertising for a software developer.

Our interview process

If you make it to an interview, there are some things you should know. We are interested in what you can do but before you get a chance with us, we need to know who you are, how you spend your time and what you value in life. If you survive that bit of the process then we will investigate your skills.

People who didn't survive the interview process

One talented applicant didn't make it through because after talking with them for twenty minutes we still had no idea about who they were. Another who applied for full time work, then wanted to negotiate to work only two days a week. Others declared talent in the interview but couldn't demonstrate it. Some have clearly read our job ads but then they look at our website and apply for their dream job instead of what we advertised.

Did you know?

Our team have a variety of skills and personalities, but all share the same collective goal of making the best software we can. Many are family people and we work hard at supporting them. Our team bios give a reasonable idea of what it's like to work here.

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