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MySys is a custom software solution designed to run companies. It links clients with sales, quoting, projects, jobs, tasks, time management and finance. Keeping control of your workplace and all activity in it is what MySys does best.

Many clients also link MySys to our graphical drawing engine which lets anyone easily draw sheds, patios and pergolas as well as providing accurate quoting, drawings, reports and in some cases, structural engineering.

To date MySys helps run more than ten different companies across Australia. Many of those are in the manufacturing industry although some are sales based companies. Most of the companies have established procedures that are repeatable and MySys makes them simple to follow.

MySys makes managing your business easy by taking all of your processes and communication streams and bringing them together into one place. Take a look.

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Be in control of your business instead of your business controlling you.



In all businesses, client relationships matter. Our integrated CRM lets you track, record and strategise client contact.

Document Management

Integrated storage and management of documents, simple to store, find, and retrieve. File system made easy.

Task Management

MySys automates tracking and assigning tasks throughout your business. Easily check on the status of anything or everything.

Stock and Inventory

Create, order and track your entire inventory. Our stock system is designed to stop stock management being a burden.


MySys automatically helps you track and store all related communication seamlessly with clients, tasks, quotes or notes.

Resource Management

Assign roles and responsibilities to any resource anywhere. Online assignment and capacity planning leaves you in control.


MySys uses Gantt charts to help set realistic schedules for multitudes of jobs with multiple resources.

Invoicing & Quoting

MySys integrates tools to make quoting easy, professional and consistent. A customisable template engine means you can get the reports you need. 

Customisable Workflow

MySys allows you to customize multiple workflows to match your existing business processes. You control how information flows.


Yes, there is now a way to have your business system online, with the benefits of being in the cloud. Any staff member from any location can log in to create quotes, view stock and inventory, manage projects and create purchase orders. All staff have tasks automatically generated for them, based on standard company workflows. Subcontractors who perform tasks for you can also log in to see their purchase orders and the tasks assigned to them, and by signing off on these tasks they progress your internal workflow to the next step in realtime. Customers can also log in to see their project documents and sign off on selections to move projects forward. Project managers can be in control of the tasks and workflows from a high level. Stock levels are monitored and when re-order points are reached, ordering tasks are generated with suggested order quantities, which also take into account how much stock is on hand as well as allocated to projects.

The cloud system is a framework and the data is your own, and the entire system could be even hosted on your own server and domain if you wished.

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Our software engineers develop and continue to maintain some world leading process control, issues management and workflow software. The software has been developed over several years and has been deployed into several companies.

The software includes a very solid process control and workflow engine and is complimented by inbuilt issues control features. Essentially the software allows a company to define or integrate their existing workflow and process into the software so that any job that is entered follows the companies workflow to completion. As there are usually many people involved in most workflows, the software easily follows the defined plan and notifies users when its their turn to act. As well as workflow, the software is brilliant for communication and fosters it along the way.

The software is web based and this allows businesses to regulate job workflow to clients, distributors and suppliers regardless of where they are on the planet. Wherever the people are you interact with, if they use this system they are regulated and controlled. Business can setup notification rules so that the right people are notified at the right stage of any project.

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