Our patio software was designed to make patios wrap around existing structures, typically houses. We believe that drawing the new patio wrapped around the shape of someone's house helps clients get a really good idea of how it will look in real life. The ability to give potential buyers a view of their house with the patio attached provides an excellent sales tool. The software is simple to use and is intuitive so drawing and modifying during the sales process is easy and can be done on the spot.

The software lives within our MySys software which makes quoting simple and also allows images from the software to become part of your quote. The software runs in an Internet enabled web browser and is simple to learn. The patios are modelled to Australian standard, using both lookup tables and structural engineering analysis, both of which lead to highly accurate quoting and a much reduced sales to build time. Please have a look at the video below and feel free to call us for a chat or a demonstration. Patios to match your house


There are lots of things to get right in quoting or building a large industrial shed. Attention to detail in everything. Our software attends to every detail from an accurate and attractive graphical display to BOM, reports and construction drawings. At the end of this article is a video demonstration of the software being used.

Some of the the features of this system are:

  • Completely detailed shed system for large industrial hot rolled sheds
  • Simple resizing of shed, bays, frames, openings
  • Detailed connections and plates
  • Visual bracing - fly, strap and cross
  • Cladding options with matching colours and profiles
  • Ability to view all parts of shed, including openings and correct representation of sheet profiles
  • Ability to edit frame positioning, bay spacing, shed dimensions, opening types and insertion with automated frame placement around openings


Is designing and detailing taking up an inordinate amount of time in your sales process?

Having a web-based quoting system has many benefits, including access by many users from many locations, with minimal computing requirements and reduced application support and maintenance.

The next logical step to improving an online quoting system is to add a graphical component to increase efficiency, improve the accuracy of quoting and streamlining the detailing and manufacturing process.

The use of a graphical interface may not be suitable for everyone, so ask yourself: do you have a repeatable process within defined parameters but it is laborious and resource intensive to do by hand? If so, you may well benefit from a graphical design front end.

Alltraders have developed and are continuing to develop a CAD engine that is able to work online through web pages. This engine allows companies with drawing and drafting needs to have access to their applications via the Internet and a secure site. There are many benefits to this and our experience has shown us repeatedly that this is a great way for a business to grow.

Using the Internet for our software means that anyone, anywhere can have access. This is particularly good if a builder has a sales person or has multiple offices. Online software has proven to be very attractive and beneficial to our clients, and we have seen a lot of success stories.Ben Horner, Alltraders director

The Alltraders software team are experts in CAD based drafting and 3D CAD for building companies. The experience we have gained by writing and maintaining the internationally used STEELbuilder program has resulted in many of the developers becoming experts in Australian construction, particularly in the areas of residential housing and the residential and commercial shed industry.

The Internet removes location barriers. Aside from the obvious advantages, online systems allow companies to grow to a much larger size by giving the ability to reach into markets that they otherwise wouldn't be able to. Alltraders online solutions are a great way to help your business to grow.

Tailoring the CAD engine for a specific purpose can help companies to expand and grow. Alltraders specialise in and have lots of experience in understanding a companies building sytem and putting it and the client online.

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