We aim to make any work that we undertake be performed in order to allow the best possible outcome for both clients and for Alltraders. The principles below are reflected in the terms and conditions.


Resource Utilisation is Important

Alltraders are committed to use our human resources as wisely as possible. We specify our work before commencement and outline costs and time constraints to clients so that all parties involved know what is expected. Clients are expected to confirm work prior to Alltraders commencement.


Time Management is Important

Alltraders willingly commit time to projects and meetings as outlined in agreements with clients, or at client request outside of scope for a charge.

When we perform graphic design, we specify in advance how many iterations of the design are permitted within the quote. This is because graphic design modifications can change the ability to finish a project on time. This helps us to schedule resources appropriately as well as to help us avoid unnecessary delays.


A Defined Scope of Work is Important

Changes to scope of work are not uncommon. When changes occur, Alltraders do their best to both identify it and to make sure that the client recognises it also. Even though it can, a change to scope does not necessarily mean an increase in project duration or project cost.


Communication is Important

Alltraders notify clients when a change to the agreed scope of work is expected. Clients must provide approval for a change prior to Alltraders commencing work.

Alltraders work is often quoted for a defined duration, time allocation and at a set hourly rate. If the approved work is expected to take longer than agreed, Alltraders will seek approval for continuation with a new estimate.


Economics is Important

Costs and what they represent may be built into a quote or may be charged at an hourly rate. This is defined before work commences.

Any work that is beyond scope or hourly rate work, including phone support, meetings, emails or anything that uses Alltraders staff, is chargeable.


Confidentiality is Important

Alltraders keeps confidential any information presented to it that is not currently in the public domain. We expect the same from clients who work with us. This protects both parties ideas and intellectual property.



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