We are an Australian software development company who specialise in creating customised software applications. We love what we do and we get great satisfaction from doing it well and delivering our clients' requirements. We have several dedicated project managers who ensure our projects are delivered to the specified scope, on time, within budget and to a professional quality standard. All development is done in house and we do not outsource overseas.

Most of our team are software developers with expertise in developing enterprise and network applications. We have a proven track record that includes the development of both standalone and web-based applications, using technology including C#, C++, Visual Basic, .NET, OpenGL, Java and PHP as well as a few others. We write software for Windows, Android and Apple although much of our software is web based and works on most platforms.

Some of our team are graphic designers and website specialists. They specialise in developing websites that hand the management of the website back to our clients so they are in control of their content. These types of websites use a technology known as a Content Management System, two of which we use are Joomla! and WordPress. Our in house, creative graphic design staff enable us to quickly create customised and unique sites that address the diversity of our clients' needs.

Our team is skilled and experienced in producing tools to promote, develop, and streamline companies effectively in both their processes and in developing corporate branding and recognition.

The diverse skills of our staff are very complementary. The software development team adds enormous value to the website team, allowing clients with special requirements to obtain custom solutions. Likewise, the website team helps the software team to not only produce highly functional software, but also make it look good.

We specialise in helping clients with special requirements to obtain custom solutions that are highly functional and tailored to their enterprise.

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