Matthew Golder
Software Developer
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"I like devising solutions to people's problems. Technology is always changing and there are new and better ways to do things, but the ultimate solutions come from listening and understanding the customer's perspective."

From almost 20 years at IBM, we have Matthew Golder, software enterprise integration and application development extraordinaire.

With significant experience in the field of application integration, he is our knowledge bank of the various forms of middleware - the software that connects different technologies together. Having skills in object oriented programming (primarily Java), to the various dialects of SQL, through to PHP, C#, Javascript, HTML and associated frameworks, Matthew has the flexibility to work in a multitude of projects from a wide range of angles and perspectives. He also loves Linux and other open source frameworks, and knows how to make things work.

He's always up for a challenge; word has it that he started driving in a '67 V8. Outside of work comes family, gardening, motorbike riding and beer making (trying to outdo the major brands, and making a fine drop in the process).

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