Our software engineers develop and continue to maintain some world leading process control, issues management and workflow software. The software has been developed over several years and has been deployed into several companies.

The software includes a very solid process control and workflow engine and is complimented by inbuilt issues control features. Essentially the software allows a company to define or integrate their existing workflow and process into the software so that any job that is entered follows the companies workflow to completion. As there are usually many people involved in most workflows, the software easily follows the defined plan and notifies users when its their turn to act. As well as workflow, the software is brilliant for communication and fosters it along the way.

The software is web based and this allows businesses to regulate job workflow to clients, distributors and suppliers regardless of where they are on the planet. Wherever the people are you interact with, if they use this system they are regulated and controlled. Business can setup notification rules so that the right people are notified at the right stage of any project.

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