Joomla critical security update 2.5.14

There is a critical update required for websites running Joomla! from versions 2.5.0 to 2.5.13.

If your website is powered by one of these versions of Joomla, a vunerability has been found in which a user can upload any filetype, including files that compromise your website! If you are unsure about what version of Joomla you have, please contact us and we'll let you know if your website is affected.

For those users with an Alltraders Maintenance Plan, your website will be automatically updated.

If not on one of our maintenance plans, we can upgrade your version of Joomla to the latest secure version, 2.5.14, which has fixed this flaw.

To perform the upgrade takes up to 2 hours to ensure no functionality is broken in the upgrade. 

In this process, we:

  • Download your website
  • Apply the upgrade & test
  • ... and if successful, we then apply the upgrade to the live site.

During the entire process your website remains live and visible, allowing for a seamless upgrade procedure.

To have this security flaw fixed as soon as possible, please contact us on 08 7324 7170 at your earliest convenience.

Book a free consultation by calling 08 7324 7100.

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