After working in the building industry on house software for over fourteen years, we are currently prototyping a new application suitable for very fast house drafting and scheduling. The software reads two dimensional house layouts and then draws complete structures from them.

Following wall insertion and the roof shape, roof trusses are inserted using pre-defined spacing rules. Currently we insert trusses using a hip end, truncated girder layout although we plan on putting more layouts in place soon. The software has tools that allow manual manipulation and insertion of trusses so that a required layout can be achieved if modification is required.

It uses our online graphics engine which has been continually refined and improved for over a decade. The graphics engine is also part of MySys, which includes mechanisms for simple generation of drawings, reports (including BOM), work flows, quoting and project management. It allows the building to be shown and manipulated in web browsers, and is a very solid foundation for new building or engineering companies.

A video is coming soon.

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