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After some four years of service to the Joomla community worldwide, Joomtraders closed at the end of July, 2013. Joomtraders was our public Joomla! extension site - an Alltraders venture and an expression of a concerted effort to apply our software development skills to the wider Joomla! community.

The Joomtraders team produced 14 extensions for the public, to enhance the functions and capabilities of Joomla. Some of these enhancements were created from such questions like the following:

  • How do I automatically post my blog articles to Facebook and Twitter?
    allArticleAnnounce automatically posted the content of your post to your Facebook Page, or Twitter account whenever you published a new article. This saved you the hassle of having to manually repost and reshare your blog article by logging into Facebook and updating your status, and repeating the same process with Twitter. Unlike some other applications, allArticleAnnounce made the process completely automated.
  • How can I get users who sign up to my website to also subscribe to my email newsletters?
    allChimp provides this solution, by integrating the popular eCampaigns service MailChimp with Joomla.
  • How can I get a free email subscription form on my Joomla site?
    Joomtraders have a free Joomla extension named allChimpRegister, which puts a registration module for MailChimp into Joomla.
  • Is there a way to dynamically update my sitemap so that my blog updates are seen and indexed by Google and Bing?
    Yes! allGoogleXMLSitemap provided a dynamically generated sitemap conforming to XML sitemap specifications, so you can submit your sitemap once to the search engines, and then never have to worry again. During testing, published articles took a minimum of 2 minutes to be indexed in Google using this component.

If any of these extensions interest you, or if you have an idea for a function not yet possible in Joomla, Contact the Alltraders Web Department.

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