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Send your message out to your customers with an effective eCampaign

One of the best ways to get return clients back to your website is with Newsletter Campaigns. Whatever you call it, EDM (Electronic/Email Direct Marketing), eCampaigns, eNews or Email Marketing, the essential nature is sending and receiving well designed marketing emails direct to your customers.

Email marketing represents the ultimate in consumer convenience, with instant access to your news, updates, specials or new products, and has risen to become the most popular internet marketing strategy of recent times.

As email is now easily accessible by iphones, smartphones and mobiles, EDM campaigns are the easiest, and often the most cost-effective, overlooked and underestimated methods of delivering product and service news and information directly to your client base. After all, some clients may prefer to receive news via email rather than by manually checking your website and social networks.

Our reusable responsive templates can be highly personalised with subscriber details (name, interests, location, etc) and with dynamically included content direct from your website, blog and other online services (eg social media like Twitter, Facebook).

I need a newsletter. Help me!

No worries! Each EDM design is created tenderly by our highly skilled designers (to your specifications), and the responsive template coding is undertaken by our email marketing expert. Our designers can design the template to match the styling of your website, company branding, or we can produce an all-new design – all to be approved by you before we begin development. Once complete, the template and campaign can be reused and replicated as much as you like. All EDM designs, developments and coding are done in house and we do not outsource our projects overseas, so you can be sure that you're dealing with local specialists in Adelaide, Australia.


How do I set up an email campaign?

MailChimp makes this easy, and not just because chimps are cheeky. With an email template from Alltraders, all that's required is a little word processing using MailChimp's powerful WYSIWYG editor. We can also do that for you. Email represents the most personal of all forms of Internet Advertising. However, no one likes spam, so you should ensure that you write in natural, non-machine like language. If you don't have time for creating emails, we can even set up automatic emails to your clients whenever you write a new blog article, or can even send out a weekly digest of news updates.

Can you integrate my newsletters with social media?

Yes we can. Alltraders can provide clients with solutions that not only fit their short-term requirements, but can also place businesses on track to receive more click-through traffic, and increase the number of your subscribers by integrating MailChimp into your website and social networking applications.

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