Well not quite cheesecake, but pavlova was the key award of choice as our newest Alltraders team member BJ recently celebrated receiving his Official Australian Citizenship.

Work stopped for a moment to mark the occasion and hear BJ's speech on his impressive history, followed by the presentation to Birendra of a large pavlova (from the Cheesecake Shop), together with perhaps the most iconic edible Australiana goodies - a platter of Vegemite. One of our managers, Vic presented BJ with the goods, which were thoroughly and enjoyably consumed within a short space of time.

From everyone at Alltraders, we congratulate you, BJ!

BJ receives vegemite from VicBJ receives vegemite from Vic

BJ receives vegemite from VicVic slices up the pavlova.

BJ receives vegemite from VicAussie Pavlova with lots of fruity goodness.

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