The Design Process Across All Areas

  1. Q&A - A Fact Finding mission to make sure we see your business the same way as you do and to make sure that the work we create represents your business well.
  2. Design Brief - Probably one of the most important parts of design. If there's no brief we would have no direction.
  3. Initial sketches & ideas - Once we have a design brief we can move onto researching, brainstorming & sketching initial ideas. We look at client competition, market trends and other influences that will form the end result.
  4. Working up a chosen route - After an initial sketched idea has been singled out, we then proceed to the computer and start designing and art working your logo using industry standard software. The logo will then be presented.
  5. Presentation & Feedback - At this stage we would ask for you – the client – to consider the presentation and give us feedback taking into consideration the design brief and the initial Q&A.
  6. Amends/Revisions - Any revisions will be carried out following feedback and the identity artwork will be finalised and supplied in various formats.
  7. Final Artwork is supplied.

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