Last week twelve men aged from 24 to 50, gathered for breakfast at a quiet restaurant in Glenelg (a lovely beachside suburb of Adelaide). From the outside it wouldn't have been clear why we were there and if you saw some of our backgrounds it may have confused you more. There was a retailer, an educator, a council worker and ex-civil engineer, an entrepreneur, a couple of graphic artists, some software engineers, a project manager and a keen interstate social networker. Aside from sharing breakfast there was a lot in common.

Alltraders invited this disparate group of people together for several reasons. Firstly it was to spend some more time with a visiting international speaker and Joomla! enthusiast, Andrew Eddie. Secondly, it was to eat a nice brekky. Thirdly it was to promote the best website content management system in the world and lastly, it was to get to know others who know what Joomla! is and what it can do. Suffice it to say, the food was good, the company was better and it was a really good time to get to know others who use Joomla!

Getting to know someone who has worked and is still working on the core code of Joomla! for years was very interesting. To our technical guests, Andrew certainly showed his great experience and skill as a coder. To our business guests, Andrew displayed a level head and understood the economics and consequences of making Joomla! work. For our social guests, there was a clear, consistent and passionate message of using Joomla! to build a community for all to benefit from. The focus was very much a positive and encouraging one and we want to publicly thank Andrew for his visit.

Joomla! in Adelaide is now benefiting from the regular Joomla! User Group meetings. The JUGA, as we affectionately know it, provides a good opportunity to meet other people who are developing websites in Adelaide and beyond. Whilst most people at the meeting are Joomla! enthusiasts, some are just taking their first steps and they are welcomed and very supported. Aside from meeting others and learning or hearing about Joomla, the food on the night is always greatly appreciated and it provides a good opportunity for more informal chatting. Certainly Alltraders and Joomtraders are benefiting from being involved and we would like to thank Peter Bui for making a consistent effort to organise them.

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